Authorize users by passwords via HTTPS

Suppose you need to access ClickHouse cluster from anywhere by username/password. This may be used for building graphs from ClickHouse-grafana or Tabix. It is bad idea to transfer unencrypted password and data over untrusted networks. So HTTPS must be used for accessing the cluster in such cases. The following chproxy config may be used for this use case:

    listen_addr: ":443"
      cache_dir: "certs_dir"

  - name: "web"
    password: "****"
    to_cluster: "stats-raw"
    to_user: "web"
    max_concurrent_queries: 2
    max_execution_time: 30s
    requests_per_minute: 10
    deny_http: true

    # Allow `CORS` requests for `tabix`.
    allow_cors: true

    # Enable requests queueing - `chproxy` will queue up to `max_queue_size`
    # of incoming requests for up to `max_queue_time` until they stop exceeding
    # the current limits.
    # This allows gracefully handling request bursts when more than
    # `max_concurrent_queries` concurrent requests arrive.
    max_queue_size: 40
    max_queue_time: 25s

    # Enable response caching. See cache config below.
    cache: "shortterm"

  - name: "stats-raw"
    nodes: [
      - name: "web"
        password: "****"

  - name: "shortterm"
    mode: "file_system"
      dir: "/path/to/cache/dir"
      max_size: 150Mb

    # Cached responses will expire in 130s.
    expire: 130s
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