Precompiled binaries

Precompiled chproxy binaries are available here. Just download the latest stable binary, unpack and run it with the desired config:

./chproxy -config=/path/to/config.yml

Building from source

Chproxy is written in Go. The easiest way to install it from sources is:

go get -u

If you don't have Go installed on your system - follow this guide.


Chproxy is also available as a Docker image in a public repository on DockerHub.

Download the image and run the container:

docker run -d -v <LOCAL CONFIG>:/config.yml contentsquareplatform/chproxy:<VERSION TAG> -config /config.yml


docker run -d -v $(pwd)/config/examples/simple.yml:/config.yml contentsquareplatform/chproxy:1.15.0 -config /config.yml
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